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ʻO kā mākou nūhou hou


ʻO 2021 Kina Cross-border E-commerce Fair (Autumn) ma Guangzhou.

Information Sep 27, 2021

Ua mālamaʻia kaʻahaʻaina mai ka lā 23 o Kepakemapa a hiki i ka lā 26 o Kepakemapa.

Jackson Group is attended by representatives of All-Link. Jiaxing All-Link Houseware Products Co., Ltd. , one of Jackson Group’s subsidiaries, which is a comprehensive modern enterprise focusing on the sales of cleaning tools and supplies for cross-border e-commerce businesses.

For this fair, we prepared many kinds of products, including new products developed by the R&D team, as well as very competitive products. For the advantages of our products, we also received a lot of praise from customers at the fair.

Faced with the needs of customers in various markets, we, backed by Jackson Group, can almost meet them. The three-day fair was full of rewards.